Meet Spain’s rockstar winemaker, Alvaro Palacios

It’s hot in the city, chicos y chicas.

Los Angeles is sweatin’ through a heatwave, but last night the epitome of cool happened at The Wine House in Los Angeles.  Alvaro Palacios, the winemaker credited with revolutionizing Spain’s wine industry, made his first–and possibly only–visit to the City of Angels.

Alvaro Palacios (left) talks to a fan as one of The Wine House's partners looks on.
Alvaro Palacios (left) talks to a fan as one of The Wine House’s partners looks on.

Palacios was named “Winemaker of the Year” in 2003 by Wine Enthusiast magazine, and he’s won the Critics Choice Award four times from The Wine Spectator. Accompanied by his lovely wife and all-star Folio PR team, Palacios rocked the Wine House in style. Lucky wine lovers and yours truly got to sample six vinos fantásticos.

And el Señor Palacios made certain that his wines were served in the appropriate stemware. Each attendee was handed a Bordeaux glass and a Burgundy glass, which made it a balancing act when you add a little plate of queso and charcuterie, but there are worse problems, trust me.

Cheese and charcuterie with a glass of 100 percent Viura.
Cheese and charcuterie with a glass of 100 percent Viura.

All six wines were amazing, but here are the three that rocked my palate:

2009 Bodegas Palacios Herencia Remondo Rioja Blanco Placet Valtomelloso. This lovely, crisp white wine is 100 percent Viura grapes. Lovely white florals, a touch of almond and peaches. Pair it with tapas, seafood, and tortilla española, of course! The wine retails for $27.99.


2011 Descendientes de Jose Palacios Pétalos del Bierzo. If you love violets, blueberries and a hint of black pepper, this elegant, 95 percent Mencia blend is for you. Pair it with roasted chicken or enjoy it on its own! The Wine House sells it for $17.99. Stock up! And no, they didn’t pay me to say that.


2010 Bodegas Palacios Herencia Remondo Rioja Propriedad. A sip of this wine is like a trip to the candy store for grownups. You’ll get cocoa and licorice and luscious black fruit. This is your go-to wine for paella, grilled meat and rich, triple-cream cheeses. Propriedad retails for $29.99.

Alvaro Palacios may not be coming to your town anytime soon, but don’t despair – you can do an online search on any of the wines above to see if your local wine shop carries them. So whip up  some tapas, dish out the paella and enjoy the fruits of el Señor Palacios’ labor. ¡Salud!


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