Señorita Vino writes about wines, products, places and events that she attends purely out of personal interest and funded by her own hard-earned cash. The opinions she posits are purely her own.

We blog for the pure pleasure of it and receive no compensation. Sample products are welcome, however Señorita Vino makes no guarantees that products sent will be reviewed or featured on this site. We have no partnerships or affiliations with wineries, wine shops, distributors, wholesalers or importers and simply write about wines, products or events we personally like. Any coverage of products, services or events that were sponsored or gifted will be explicitly disclosed. For further information, please contact senoritavino[at]gmail[dot]com.


The content provided on this blog is purely for informational purposes and is not presented as expert advice. Señorita Vino in no way whatsoever advocates excessive, illegal or underage consumption of alcoholic beverages. The content provided on this blog is intended for individuals of legal drinking age in their place of residence. By reading this blog, you affirm that you are of legal drinking age.

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