Female winemakers in Uruguay are rockin’ the bodega

Okay, so I bet you saw “Uruguay” in the title and thought, ‘Señorita Vino’s going to share yet another gratuitous Diego Forlán image. The one with his shirt off.’ If you did, congratulations! Here’s your reward:

Don't say I never give you eye candy. Credit: Fotitos21.
Don’t say I never give you eye candy. Credit: Fotitos21.

And now for the real meat of this post…In my latest article for Latina magazine’s TheLatinKitchen.com, you’ll get to know four fabulous young women who are making wine in Uruguay’s male-dominated wine industry.


Read the story and learn how they got their start. You’ll find out how women are transforming the style of Uruguay’s most popular wine, Tannat. And you’ll even pick up a new way to evaluate wine, which has more to do with Antonio Banderas than with balance and complexity.




2 thoughts on “Female winemakers in Uruguay are rockin’ the bodega

  1. Fabulous article Pamela, many thanks for the attention you bring to the women winemakers of Uruguay and for including Artesana. Our name is inspired by our female winemakers and is a feminized derivation of the Spanish word for artisan or handcrafted. The two winemakers and I run the company and we are proud to be all women. We work very hard and are passionate about the wines we are producing. There are many outstanding and award winning wines being produced in Uruguay that are starting to get on the radar here in the states. ¡Salud!

    1. Glad you liked the article, Leslie, and thank you so much for the background on the name, Artesana. Congrats to you, Analia and Valentina!

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