Cooking with Wine

Vino’s not just for drinking. Cook with it and add a splash of sabor to your favorite recipe. Or if you’re like me, drink it and cook with it–all at once–and put a little excitement into a night at home.

Here for your culinary pleasure are six tips on cooking with wine, as they appeared in a recent article I wrote for Latina magazine’s You’ll also get Chef Ricardo Zarate’s recipe for choritos, or Peruvian mussels in a yellow chile sauce.

Rule number one: Don't cook with anything you wouldn't drink (Photo credit: M0les via Wikemedia Commons)
Tip number one: Don’t cook with anything you wouldn’t drink (Photo credit: M0les via Wikemedia Commons)

What are some of your favorite techniques for cooking with wine? Share them here!


6 thoughts on “Cooking with Wine

    1. Thanks, Melanie! Cheers and stay in touch.

  1. I enjoy cooking coq au vin because you get to add a whole bottle to the pot. What a rich flavor with the bacon, pinot noir, and all of those onions. I am sure that the original Frenchwoman, who concocted the dish, added the rooster as an afterthought.

    1. Sounds like my kind of cooking, Bridget. Cheers and may all your coqs au vin swim happily.

  2. Love cooking with wine on a regular basis. Even making Chili Au Vin now 🙂 BTW the line from the article about adding color reminded me of recently having an open bottle of red wine lying around [SHOCKING] and deciding to add it to my risotto. It was delicioso and a beautiful shade of purple LOL.
    Thank you.

    1. Okay, you’ve inspired me to add a little color to my next risotto night. Stay tuned!

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