Is Moscato the new Chardonnay?

Those of you who were of drinking age in the 1970s (and–ahem–for the record, I was not) may recall the stratospheric rise in popularity of Chardonnay. Like the band ABBA, Chardonnay had its heyday in the 70s and still enjoys  a hard-core fan base.

Mamma mia! I admit that I'll still sing out loud when Dancing Queen plays on the radio. (credit:
Mamma mia! I admit I’ll still sing to “Dancing Queen.” (credit:

But musical tastes evolve, and so, my friends, does wine.

Moscato, worshipped by some and reviled by many for the same reason–its sweetness–is topping the charts these days. Not a gathering goes by where I don’t encounter a gaggle of groupies who rave about Moscato’s naturally sweet character, versatility and intoxicating floral and fruit aromas.

Make a sweet day even sweeter with a pink Moscato toast.

Is Moscato the new Chardonnay, or to drag out my musical metaphor, is Moscato to Chardonnay what Air Supply was to ABBA?

Señorita Vino took this question to the experts. Read what they had to say–and learn some basic facts about Moscato–in my most recent article for Latina Magazine’s fab food and wine website,

And tell me, are you a Chardonnay kind of wine lover, or does Moscato rock your world?

4 thoughts on “Is Moscato the new Chardonnay?

  1. Your “Make a sweet day even sweeter with a pink Moscato toast.” is a great photo. Your rooftop patio?

    1. You’re so close, Dennis! Actually, I took the photo from the terrace of a resort hotel in Palos Verdes. ¡Salud!

  2. Loved your article! We sell an incredible amount of Moscato at our store. Whether it’s the $5.00 variety or the a little over $20.00 bottle. This varietal of the day [thanks to some rap songs] or decade depending who you ask is loved or I should say purchased by all kinds of people. As I’ve mentioned before we have quite the melting pot in this community and this sweet wine whether still or bubbly is something all would agree on. I particularly like the fact that men always feel the need to point out the fact that they are purchasing it for their wives or girlfriends. Chill dudes; real hombres drink Moscato too!

    1. I love that some of your male customers make a point of saying that they’re buying Moscato for their girlfriends! Isn’t it funny how the stigma of sweet wines is so ingrained for some folks? Thanks for sharing your perspective, Ernesto!

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