#Vino 101: four of Spain’s most popular #wine grapes

The coolest substitute teachers I can recall were the ones who showed movies during class time. Little did I realize they were doing this to preserve their sanity more than to entertain us. So today I give you a fun little  vino video that will introduce you to four of España’s most popular wine grapes–albariño, verdejo, tempranillo, garnacha. You’ll also get some food pairing suggestions. And all this in under three minutes!

As you may have guessed, part of the reason I’m sharing a video in this week’s post is to prevent a meltdown as I prepare for a midterm exam in my Financial Management class (cue horror-movie shriek sound). So sit back, pour yourself a refreshing glass of Albariño, and enjoy the video. Oh, and wish me luck on my exam!

P.S. Muchas gracias to the fine folks at Wines from Spain for making my life a little easier today. ¡Salud!

WIne of Spain Bull

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