Top 7 holiday gifts for #winelovers

It’s December 5, and there are 19 shopping days left until Christmas. If that doesn’t have you reaching for a bottle of Malbec, I don’t know what will.

But consider this your lucky day, as I’m proud to present the second annual Official Señorita Vino Holiday Gift Guide for Wine Lovers. In no particular order, here are seven wine-related gifts for your favorite vino lover. (Pssst. Go ahead–buy a few nice things for yourself. I won’t tell).

El Full Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for mentioning the products below, nor did I receive samples from the manufacturers or retailers.

1. Wine Shorts

Photo credit:

Help that special someone show her passion for wine while she sleeps or lounges around the house sipping vino. These shorts are hers (or yours!) for $24.95 plus shipping at Grab ’em while they’re hot; based on my experience two years ago buying wine pajama bottoms, they sell out fast.

2.  Wine Bottle Hurricane Lamps

Photo credit: BoMoLuTra

The perfect hostess gift, these wine bottle hurricane lamps class up a boring candle and let guests know they’re in a wine-loving household. Best part – these lovely specimens are $12 a piece on at the BoMoLuTra Bottle Art site, compared to $89 a piece at other online retailers I scouted. See, I even do all the legwork for you!

3. A Little Queso for your Vino

Photo credit: Cheese Store of Beverly Hills

What’s vino without a little cheese? The fine folks at the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills will overnight five super-delicioso Spanish cheeses–Manchego, Idiazabal, Drunken Goat, Zamorano and Cabrales–along with some Spanish olives–to the cheese lover of your choice. It’s $75 plus shipping; if you’re in the L.A. area, they can messenger it. Shop online at

4. Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

I hate to see a mess, and I’m willing to bet your favorite vino lovers do, too. That’s why this wonder-product is the perfect stocking stuffer. Prices vary according to bottle size (about $12 and up). You can buy these directly from, or find them at your favorite wine store. True story: I have an adored relative who can spill a glass of red wine even when he’s standing three feet away from it. Wine Away has kept the peace at family gatherings (and saved my rugs) for the past 10 years.

5. Champagne Coupes or Saucers

Waterford coupe
Photo credit: Waterford

For the sparkling wine lover on your gift list, a set of champagne coupes, also known as champagne saucers, may do the trick. Legend has it the champagne coupe was modeled after none other than Marie Antoinette’s girls, and I don’t mean her daughters. Of course, that’s an urban legend probably started by a randy French lit grad student, but you don’t have to tell. The Waterford set pictured above will set you back about $320, but there are less expensive coupes out there.

6. Wine Wars: A Trivia Game for Wine Geeks and Wannabees

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

Who says learning about wine is not all fun and games? It is, I tell you, it is! This is a great gift guaranteed to liven up your BFF’s next fiesta, or entertain the more studious types on your gift list. And at $16.36 on, it’s a steal. Heck, buy one for yourself, too!

7.  6-Bottle California Wine Gift Box

Photo credit: Wally's Wine & Spirits
Photo credit: Wally’s Wine & Spirits

This year’s gift catalog from Wally’s Wines in West Los Angeles impresses with the matte, heavy stock paper and the gorgeous, bordering-on-artsy-wine-porn photography. The set pictured above is a beautiful gift for anyone on your list who wants to discover California wines. It’s $95 (a little less than $16 a bottle). Check it out–and other elegant gift baskets–at Be sure to read the fine print on shipping outside of California.

That’s it, darlings! Now go forth and shop. Until next week, I bid you ¡Salud!

1 thought on “Top 7 holiday gifts for #winelovers

  1. Oh my goodness, love those wine shorts!
    I’d add “Aerator” to the list for wine lovers.
    Also there are some incredibly beautiful wine stoppers which make artful gifts.

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