East LA Meets Napa. ¡Vámonos!

Uh, yeah. About that final installment in the Canada wine series…

Well,  this cheap-o file cabinet in my office is self-destructing:


And I can’t open the drawer with my passport in it.  Seriously. Which is a major problema, because without a passport, I can’t travel. I mean, it’s not like you need a passport to go to Napa  if you’re already a U.S. citizen, but still. It’s the principle (muchas gracias, Big-Office-Supply-Company-That-Sells-Cheap-Crap-Whose-Name-I-Won’t-Mention-Here).

So while I spend the rest of my Saturday afternoon emptying the file cabinet and sorting through old paperwork to extricate my passport, you can take a journey that doesn’t require you to leave the comfort of your sofa.


Learn about vinos fabulosos, made by Mexican-American winemakers.  Score a recipe for the most beautiful tortillas you’ve ever seen, courtesy of uber-famoso chef John Rivera.  And find out how sipping wine and noshing on Latin American food can help people in the Los Angeles area gain access to much-needed healthcare.


It all came together at this year’s East LA Meets Napa, one of my favorite wine tasting events in the vino universe. Read about it in this article I wrote for Latina magazine’s mouthwatering food and wine website, TheLatinKitchen.com. No passport required.


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