At last – a wine for your Cuban sandwich

There’s rumba in them thar hills! One Oregon winery  owner has put some ritmo into the Willamette Valley winemaking community, and he’s all about passion for sabor.

At Cubanísimo Vineyards in Salem, neurosurgeon and Havana native Dr. Mauricio Collada named his winery for the ‘very Cuban’ flavor he brings to one of the top Pinot Noir regions in the U.S.

Forget about lame ambient music on winery sound systems. Visitors to Cubanísimo’s tasting room can enjoy a little rumba with their award-winning Pinot Noir, and if you’re lucky enough to live in the area, you can sign up for salsa lessons every third Saturday of the month.

Not a local? Then take home a souvenir guayabera with the Cubanísimo logo embroidered on the back. Low on TP? Not to worry – you can pick up a few rolls of Fidel Castro toilet paper for a revolutionary way to–ahem–take care of business.

Read the whole story (penned by yours truly) on and find out how Cubanísimo is merengue-ing its way through Oregon wine country. ¡Salud!

3 thoughts on “At last – a wine for your Cuban sandwich

  1. Very nice! The winery is bringing some sabor to the winery scene.

  2. I just love your posts and the stories behind the wines. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading, Monica! So glad you’re enjoying the posts. Cheers!

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