Wine Holiday: May 9 is National Moscato Day

Not to steal the thunder from any moms or Memorial Day die-hards out there, but it’s official: May has a new holiday. Chicas y chicos, raise a copa with me on the first-ever National Moscato Day!

For those of you who may not be familiar with Moscato, you soon will be, as this is a wine that is gaining a following among vino lovers in the U.S. If you’re not a disciple yet, here are some reasons you may want to worship at the Temple of the Moscato Goddess alongside Señorita Vino:

– Exotic aromas of roses and orange blossoms

– Honey-sweet (although some Moscatos are medium-sweet or dry)

– Ripe peach flavors with hints of tangerine or citrus peel

– Budget-friendly

– Pairs beautifully with spicy foods

What’s not to love? That’s what the folks at Gallo Family Vineyards thought, and thus the idea for National Moscato Day was born. Porque May 9, you ask? Because May is National Wine Month (I’ll drink to that!).

You can find Moscato wine at your local grocery store, wine shop and some restaurant menus. If you plan on buying a bottle, you won’t have to dip into your shoe budget. Some Moscatos are available for as little as $5 a bottle.

So get your fiesta on and if you happen upon a glass of Moscato before 6 p.m. Pacific/9 p.m. Eastern tonight, you can be part of a live toast on Twitter (#MoscatoDay). Tell ’em Señorita Vino (@SenoritaVino) sent you.


14 thoughts on “Wine Holiday: May 9 is National Moscato Day

  1. MOSCATO is by far my fave SALUD!

  2. Well…if today is a holiday. How can I possibly resist? Salud amiga 🙂

  3. OOOH! just had some last night! My friend just brought me some two nights ago… still have 1/2 bottle left. Did not know there was a day dedicated to it. How awesome is that! thanks for the news!

  4. Hello there, Senorita Vino!! Hope you are well! We met at LaLLblog a few weeks ago and wanted to check out your blog and say hi! I love your blog concept and just happen to have an affinity for Moscato- so I stopped by just in time! Excited to follow your blog and see what other fun wine holiday’s come my way!! Cheers..


    1. Hi, Carlina! It’s great to hear from you and thanks so much for reading! I’m happy to hear you like Moscato – it’s anything but a ‘vanilla’ wine. Take care and stay in touch!

  5. Since May 9, a crowded day in a full month, is also the California Day of the Teacher, I hope teachers everywhere will take a moment to toast our profession with a glass of that lovely wine.

  6. latinbabybookclub May 9, 2012 — 9:35 pm

    Who knew it had an official DAY?!? Love your posts, Pamela!

  7. Con lo rico que es el moscato y el aroma que tiene!!!! Salud!

  8. Love it! Thank you for teaching me about wine – can it be Moscato day every day? 😉 Saludos!

  9. Can’t believe I missed it! I guess I’ll have to drink double tonight. 😉

  10. I am celebrating all month! Heck, I love this wine so much I will celebrate any chance I get throughout the year!

  11. Señorita Vino, a warm, informative post, as always, especially because it piques my curiosity about a type of wine I don’t normally drink. That may change thanks to your write up!

  12. Creo que podemos celebrarlo todos los dias, no? jejeje, deberiamos!

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