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Why we drink wine

19 Apr

Some drink wine to forget. Others–like the soldiers of the Roman Empire–drank it to avoid the nasty effects of guzzling contaminated water. Yours truly is drinking it in hopes of killing off some fat cells (see my post from April 5).

The reasons we drink wine are as unique as the thousands of grape varieties used in winemaking. But don’t take it from me. Allow me to introduce you to a group of  accomplished Latinas who clearly illustrate why enjoying the occasional copa is good for the soul. I raise a glass to their intelligence, wit and belleza. !Salud, chicas!

Jackie is a mover and shaker who likes to relax with a glass of wine and a little chisme.

1. We drink wine to connect.

Busy public relations executive Jackie Quintanilla Aker says Pinot Grigio is her favorite wine. She’s lucky enough to have a cousin who studied wine, and luckier still that she and her prima are close. “My cousin is like a sister to me,” Aker says. “We like to share a bottle of wine and just chat about our day or vent. Or gossip.”

L to R: 'Green' blogger Catalina Juarez (Greenery in Mommyhood) and mommy blogger Ruby Wright (Growing up Blackxican) love their Muscat!

2. We drink wine to relax.

For blogueras Catalina Juarez and Ruby Wright, sipping a glass of Muscat is the perfect way to unwind during a conference break. Both prefer sweeter wines, so Muscat is the wine of choice while they take a breather between workshops and panel discussions. Juarez, who works, blogs, has two teenagers and is a student, says wine provides a little stress relief when things get loco.

Sometimes, life goes better with wine, says Helena Osorio-Zavala, a lifestyle blogger at Pink Guayoyo.

3. We drink wine to enjoy ourselves and the people we love.

Food and wine go together like un cafecito y conversación. Makes sense, especially if you’re Helena Osorio-Zavala, a Venezuelan writer whose blog name, Pink Guayoyo, is a fanciful spin on a traditional Venezuelan coffee drink. But get her started on wine and ay, ay, ay!  “I’ll be having a glass of wine with my husband and all of a sudden, he’s looking really good. So I’ll have another and I’ll tell him, ‘You’re looking pretty fine.’ So he’ll say, ‘Have another glass–I love it when you tell me I look good.'”

4. We drink wine as an excuse to photograph perfect strangers. Especially if they’re good-looking. 

I'll have a glass of red, thanks.

I know what you’re thinking. Señorita Vino is happily married, yet she dutifully follows her mother’s brand of marital advice, which is mira, pero no toques (look but don’t touch). I swear, Mom (and Señor Jim), the only thing I touched was the glass.

Why do you drink wine?  Post a comment and tell us!

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