Four last-minute holiday gifts for vino lovers

Six days until Christmas! Do you know where your shopping list is?

I promised I’d be back with a few last-minute gift ideas for your favorite wine lover/foodista. Real quick, because I know you’re rushing to the mall, here are four fun ways to say Feliz Navidad:

1. Don’t you hate it when you’re at a party and your wine glass decides to go mingle with 30 other glasses? I’ve tried to identify my wayward glass by the shade of the lipstick stain on the rim, but that never works unless I’m wearing coral or some other funky hue. A cool set of wine tags will solve that dilemma and save you from the Ick Factor of drinking out of someone else’s glass. My husband and I received this set as a wedding present eight years ago. Each tag has the name of a different Latin dance on it. There are lots of fun options available online or at your favorite local wine shop. Cha-cha-cha!

2. Nothing says I love you like stinky cheese. The stinkier the better! Give your favorite foodista a little cheese with their wine with a Cheese-of-the-Month membership. In a perfect world, the nice lady I met at the Mercado San Camilo in Arequipa, Perú  would be able to import her cheeses stateside. But we have plenty of options here, including  Greenwich Village landmark Murray’s Cheese Shop, which offers four-, six- and 12-month packages of 3 cheeses per month.

3. Road trip! Yes, you can give a road trip for Christmas. I’ve gifted my husband with trips to Napa Valley and California’s Central Coast. This is the gift that gives both ways, if you manage to invite yourself along. I know these are tough times, so if the price tag of a wine and food weekend is a bit steep right now, use the power of suggestion by giving a copy of Baja Wine Country or La Ruta del Vino de Baja California. These detailed, colorful and informative guides to Baja California’s Ruta del Vino are a helpful tool to inspire your next wine tasting adventure. Available in Spanish and English, for a mere $12 per book plus shipping, your partner/friend/spouse will be so impressed by your thoughtfulness that they may just invite you on a road trip to el Valle de Guadalupe. ¡Buen viaje!

4. Tired of the same old wine scene? Want to add spice to your life or your BFF’s? Looking for something exotic with a Latin accent that will make your friends stare in wonder and awe when the wrapping comes off? Pisco is the answer. Yes, in homage to the land of the Incas (and mis padres), there’s nothing like Peruvian pisco to add a little variety and excitement to your next cocktail party. This attractive package also looks great under the Christmas tree. Bartender not included.

(El full disclosure: My husband is a great man for tolerating my camera’s roving eye. In fact, putting this photo on my blog was his idea. I swear.)

Feliz Navidad and happy shopping, chicas!

17 thoughts on “Four last-minute holiday gifts for vino lovers

  1. I hope Peruvian cheeses will find their way into US markets. That would be awesome. For now, this information is great. Thanks for sharing.

    1. So do I, Morena! I was in Peru in 2009 and fell in love with the cheese there. Unfortunately I have not found any in the U.S. I guess I’ll have to wait until my next trip. Saludos!

  2. Although I have never been a wine drinker, the thought of Peruvian cheese with anything sounds amazing. When you do find a place that does offer these cheeses please let me know.

    1. I sure will! Thanks for reading, Itzel.

  3. These are perfect gifts for wine lovers. Thanks for the suggestions 🙂

  4. nothing says i love you more than a stinky cheese! that is soooo on point!

    1. I’m so glad someone else on the planet is on the same page with me!

  5. You gave your husband a trip for Christmas to Napa Valley?! Wow! Lucky him. It’s also very smart. As you said, you can come along so it’s a gift for you as well!

    1. Now this is a comment I’m definitely sharing with the hubby – an objective third party telling him how lucky he is to have such a smart wife. Thanks for the love, Sujeiry!

  6. La comida peruana es una de mis favoritas!!! Y el pizco ni mencionar!!! Tuve la introducción a esta bebida durante mi visita a Chile, pero de vuelta paré en Perú y habían degustaciones de esta bebida, que por supuesto probé y me compré una que otra botellita LOL

  7. My husband is a northern Californian…love this. He will too.

    1. Thanks for reading, Carrie! Happy shopping…

  8. LOVE the idea of a cheese of the month club! I would LOVE that gift. Feliz Navidad!!!

    1. Gracias y Feliz Navidad! We are SO on the same wavelength – I’d love it if someone gifted me with a monthly cheese club membership!

  9. stinky cheese and picso!! love it, great ideas!!

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