Vinoritas We Love: Ana Lydia Monaco

Ana Lydia Monaco scours the aisles for a velvety Italian red.

Welcome to Señorita Vino’s first ever Vinoritas We Love. What’s a Vinorita, you ask? Someone like you. A chica who loves wine and enjoys it with friends and family. She may or may not work in the wine industry, and she’s not shy about telling the world of her passion for wine and food. Before our male readers feel slighted, worry not, chicos. Señorita Vino is an equal opportunity blogger, and soon you’ll see Vinoritos We Love, so stay tuned.

For now, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to the lovely and talented Ana Lydia Monaco. A busy PR professional by day (and some nights), she’s also an entrepreneur who is active in the social media world but still finds time to unwind at her neighborhood wine shop. We caught up with her recently at Wally’s Wines in West Los Angeles, where she was on the hunt for a favorite Italian wine.

Señorita Vino: What are you looking for?

Ana Lydia: It’s an Italian red, similar to a Pinot Noir. I love Pinot Noir!

SV: You’re not alone. When did you discover you had a passion for wine?

AL: Growing up there was always wine in the house. My father would have wine with dinner, so I was exposed to it at a young age.

SV: How did your awareness of wine evolve as you grew up?

AL: In college my friends and I loved cheese, so we’d have wine with our cheese. At the time wine wasn’t ‘cool,’ so people thought it was weird that we didn’t drink beer. In fact I didn’t try beer until about 10 years ago. It was St. Patrick’s Day, and I was out with friends. Someone ordered a pitcher of beer and when it got to the table it was green. I thought there was something wrong with it!

SV: You seem to know what you want when it comes to wine. How did you develop your palate?

AL: I was lucky. I lived with a roommate for six years and she worked in restaurants. She’d come home with this amazing wine – the really good stuff ! Bordeaux, Pinot Noir…there were always great wine in the house. Then as I advanced in my career, wine played into my professional life. We’d take clients out to dinner and of course we’d have wine with the meal. Then at networking events or banquets, there would be wine.

SV: You’re lucky to have a wine shop that’s walking distance from your house.

AL: My husband and I are here practically every weekend. We’ll get a selection of cheeses, some wine and the Netflix. A perfect Saturday night!

Want to be our next Vinorita or our first Vinorito? Drop us a line and you could be featured here in a future post!

3 thoughts on “Vinoritas We Love: Ana Lydia Monaco

  1. Thank you for touring with me one of my favorite wine stores in LA. Look forward to our next wine stop 🙂

    1. De nada, Ana Lydia. Thank you for being our first Vinorita. ¡Salud!

  2. great feature, I love Ana. She’s such a great support for Latina Bloggers!!

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